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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"Vice President the University"-- SLU Still Can't Get It Right

SLU's Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy was recently revised. The page's header reads, "Revised 12-22-04," but I think it's been changed even more recently.

The delegation of Stalinist power if President Sullivan is unavailable originally read, "...or if the President is unavailable, the Vice President of Academic Affairs...," a position entirely imaginary, as I noted in this 1/1/05 post, guessing that the language referred to Grant Cornwell, Dean of Academic Affairs and Vice President of the University.

Upon rereading the "Revised 12-22-04" AUCRP, I noted that a slight change had taken place. The above selection was altered at some point between 1/5/05 and now, 1/12/05. It now reads, "...or if the President is unavailable, the Dean of Academic Affairs and Vice President the University...."

Yes, I did transcribe that accurately-- "Vice President the University." Some SLU administrator (who apparently still has access to TBOC!) read my 1/5/05 post, realized I was right about the "Vice President of Academic Affairs" being a made-up position, and immediately and unilaterally changed the language of the AUCRP, a sticky wicket when proper procedure for changing University policy is considered. Despite all that, the administration still managed to make a stupid error.

[They went to all the trouble of changing the AUCRP and still fucked it up! Do the administrators all ride to work on the same short bus or something?--Ed. I was going to put it less bluntly, but yes, that's the general point.--CE No thanks necessary.-- Ed. Or offered.--CE]


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