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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Update: SLU Imposes Ban on TBOC! From Public Terminals

These Fuckin' Hatas Breathin' Down Our Necks

SLU has imposed a block on students, staff and faculty accessing Take Back Our Campus from computers available in SLU labs and in the Owen D. Young Library.

We encourage all students, staff and faculty to access our page using the anonymity-giving sites listed in this post.

Thankfully, the University community is still able to visit the following (apparently non-offensive, according to the SLU administrators) sites listed here via SLU computers:
RapedTeens.com-- The name of the deranged and profit-loving site speaks for itself.

The North American Man-Boy Love Association-- An organization that openly advocates for the legalization of pedophilia ("paedophilia," for our British friends).

Stormfront: White Pride World Wide-- The internet home of anti-Semitic neo-Nazis.
While Take Back Our Campus has been deemed unacceptable by the SLU administration, students are free to access the propaganda of Osama Bin Laden. Are we really worse than voyeuristic rape-fantasists, pedophiles, Nazis and Al-Qaeda? Why does the University object to our right to free speech? Why is the administration so fearful of what we have to say?

Let us know in our comments section or at Takebackourcampus@yahoo.com.


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