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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Faculty Spotlight-- Steve Horwitz

Name: Steve Horwitz
Department: Economics
Title: Professor of Economics, Associate Dean of the First Year
Why Mike Owen and John Jaunzems Should Look Up to Him: After only fifteen years here, Horwitz is a full professor.
On Second Thought, Why No One Should Look Up to Him: His Rush fan page.
Description of Rush, Unintentionally Funny: "This is a band that plays rock that demands to be taken seriously."
Description of Rush, Childlike in Its Innocence: "They do indeed touch the heart."
Description of Rush, Slightly Erotic: "When Geddy sings (in 'Presentation'): 'Just think what we might do,' it sums up everything that 'touches' me about their music."
Description of Rush, Celebratory Sign-Off: "The love-in shall continue!"
Fun Fact About Horwitz: He has never read Norman Finkelstein's work, yet maintains it is anti-Semitic.
Bonus Fact: He will accuse you of being anti-Semitic at the drop of a hat. For example, if you're concerned about the neo-fascist impulses of the SLU Republicans, he'll probably call you anti-Semitic.
Extra Bonus Fact: He once referred to TBOC! contributor Christian Evangelist as a "narcissist."
Why Christian Evangelist Is Upset By This (unfortunately, in Christian's own words): "Horwtiz does not understand the Greek mythology he chose to employ. I am not in love with myself, as was Narcissus. Rather, I adore the online creation known as 'Christian Evangelist,' an arrogant grammarian and general know-it-all. If Horwitz bothered to read anything besides self-aggrandizing Libertarian tracts about the glory of the 'free market' (the market being 'free' only for capital and not for labor, a fact the Greek-ignorant Horwitz chooses to ignore) he would have properly invoked Pygmalion."
[Editor's Note: Why did we bother writing this? It's impossible to satirize a man whose Rush fan page is a parody of itself. We could have just linked to that and saved ourselves half an hour.]


  • Pitiful. Rather than engage him intellectually, you mock his fandom. If you're not a fan of something, you don't have a life.

    By Blogger Russell, at 10:25 AM  

  • A Rush tribute page? WTF? I always thought Geddy Lee was anti-semitic?

    By Blogger Lewis, at 5:20 PM  

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