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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Faculty Spotlight-- Mike Owen

[This past summer, Take Back Our Campus published a number of Faculty Spotlights that we felt received too little attention. We are now reposting them. Gladly, we are newly accepting nominations for members of the faculty and administration who deserve his/her own Faculty Spotlight. Please e-mail us with gossip and reasons at takebackourcampus@yahoo.com.]

Name: Michael Owen
Department: Geology
Likes: Rocks, racial separation, governments controlled by white minorities, soil samples.
Dislikes: Leftists, most things that aren't rocks or white people.
Hobby: Staunchly defending the white race.
Other Notable Features: Hasn't published anything since the late 1980s. Consequentially, has yet to become a full professor after 21 years at SLU.
Best Moment: During a faculty meeting in the 1980s, SLU Professors voted to divest the University's holdings from the racist regime of South Africa. Dr. Owen rose and gave an impassioned speech against the anti-apartheid movement.
Why He Made the Spotlight: It's not like racism is a controversial issue. Most people are opposed to a legalized racial hierarchy. That's why TBOC is proud to spotlight those who, for some reason, aren't.
[Editor's note: It's good that Black people know geology is for virgins and losers-- otherwise they might have to take a class with Michael "Don't Criticize Apartheid" Owen.]

Contact Information:
Office: Brown 148
Office Phone: 229-5975
E-mail: mowen@stlawu.edu.


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