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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More Coverage of Take Back Our Campus

This Time, Closer to Home

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Rob Loftis has recently written about us on his blog, Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk. The first entry (defending our anonymity) can be found here. He goes on to mention us here and here and writes a full post about us here.

Dr. Loftis was kind enough to send me a link to his post, to which I offered a correction and a clarification. Loftis was then nice enough to sort through the not one but two opium-addled e-mails I sent as a way of murky reply and post the correction here.

Though Loftis offers his own criticisms of Take Back Our Campus (calling us "ill-behaved young people, who... seem to think it is cute when they correct other people's grammar, rather than just annoying"), he ultimately supports our efforts and our right to free speech. He also agrees (with everyone else in the blogosphere) that SLU is unreasonable with their lawsuit against TBOC.

We thank Dr. Loftis for openly supporting us, for engaging us with his own criticisms of TBOC (rather than denouncing us-- as other faculty have chosen to do-- as faculty meetings and over the fac/staff list-serv, to which students don't have access), and most importantly, for being willing to stand in support of academic freedom.

[Dude, mention what I told you to write.--ed. Keep it in your pants, mate; I'm getting around to it.--CE.]

Loftis, as an untenured faculty member (and currently not even tenure-track) deserves hearty congratulations for his courage and unwavering adherence to the principles of academia in taking a stand against the unjust policies of his employer.

[Dude! Get it out there!--ed. Fine. If it will make you fucking happy, here goes.--CE]

My gin-fueled editor has asked me to mention that, "this guy's balls deserve odes, bee-yotch!" In that spirit, he has composed the following limerick:

There once was a doctor named Loftis,
Who challenged his school's panoptic,
With balls made of brass,
Rhythm and class,
He savored his job 'til he lost it.

[That's the shizzle! That's gotta get all the ladies knowing I'm a sensitive poet/rebel. Mo' poontang for the editor!--ed. (Sigh) Indeed. As Shelley wrote: "What is all this sweet work worth/ If thou kiss not me?"--CE. Who? But holla at ya, Kizzy Ev, my work is really *sweet*!--ed. So "sweet" it could be confused with dental rot.--CE]

Anyway, thanks to Rob Loftis. To our readers-- take his classes, give him good evaluations and get him a tenure-track job at SLU. He deserves one.


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