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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

SLU Goes From Stupidity to McCarthyism

And it doesn't come cheap!

The SLU Administration can be accused of many things. Stupidity (sure), indolence (fine), arrogance (that's certain)-- even more specifically a lack of tolerance for the lower classes, a lack of compassion (or even basic duty) to victims of sexual assault, topped with Cissy Petty's strange commitment to proselytizing to Jewish student-workers for conversion to Christianity.

But they can never be accused of discretion or thrift. Besides hiring one of the most expensive law firms in Syracuse to file suit against us, they've spent more than "$3000 to have hard drives replaced with new ones, re-imaged, and the old ones shipped back here from one of our abroad programs (kenya?) because they suspect some of the posts are coming from there."

Hoo boy! But the dudgeon of the administration extends even beyond that. It seems that they're keeping dossiers on most of the liberal/leftist students, staff and faculty, fitted with reasons about why each might be involved with Take Back Our Campus. There are currently three lists of names-- one extends to over three typed pages. Gimme an H! Gimme a U! Gimme an A! Gimme a C! What does that spell? To be sure, something resembling the wasteful and paranoid activities of the SLU administration.

How do I know this? I received an anonymous letter yesterday detailing the expenses and lengths that President Dan "Sullen" Sullivan, Cissy "Convert to Christianity!" Petty and the rest of their cronies in the SLU administration have gone to uncover the identities of those at Take Back Our Campus. For your fun, dear reader, I've reprinted (most of) the letter below:

While SLU doesn't have enough money to pay employees
well or buy necessary equipment, there is plenty of
money for this investigation.

They've spent > $3,000 to have hard drives replaced
with new ones, re-imaged, and the old ones shipped
back here from one of our abroad programs (kenya?)
because they suspect that some of the posts are coming
from there.

Several people high up really hate you and don't care
how much of the student's tuition they waste to
permanantly shut down TBOC. I don't think they have
enough to win any law suits and I think they know
that, but if any of you are current students, you
should seriously think about transfering.

Once they know who is involved, they will receive the
wrath of the frustration caused by those that SLU's
administration can't touch.

I really don't think that anyone in a position to
really help you would want to and even if there are
any sympathizers, if they're in a position to be of
any help, they've been around long enough to know that
if they are even suspected of betraying the
administration, they're totally fucked.

I am in a unique position such that I occasionally
come across bits of usefull info. Anything I can
provide to you I guarentee is reliable but the
frequency at which I come by the info could be
described as sporadic at best.

Also, I don't really have a reliable way of fishing
for specific info. If there's anything specific you
want to know, feel free to ask but don't hold your

You're the only one who has this address and I left my
memory at a Dead show somewhere so I can't guarantee
that I'll remember to check regularly.

I'm not sure what it is but you've touched on a
subject that they really don't want brought to the
public's attention and are willing to do just about
anything to keep secret. I've heard vague references
being whispered and everybody involved in the
conversation knows what it is but nobody ever says the
words. I've overheard a few such conversations but I
couldn't even begin to guess what they're talking

Also, I don't know who it is but you attacked the
daughter of someone very rich and powerfull and daddy
has been "encouraging" SLU to make sure it never
happens again.

I got a brief glimpse of a list of current students
that they suspect of posting. I only recognized three
names on it: Carla Hunter, Rayluca (don't remember her
last name but I'm pretty sure there's only one Rayluca
on campus) and Anton M.

There are actually three lists they have going...
Chezum's past students that don't like him, Security's
suspects and "the main list". The first two lists are
each less than a page. The third is about three
pages. I have no idea what the criteria are to get
placed on the second or third list.

I fucking hate the incompetance, corruption and
favoritism that defines the way SLU is run so I'll do
what I can to help.
If you think these funds may be better spent say, improving HEOP and reinstating Upward Bound, well, so do we. But fear not and keep reading. In the next few days, the very kind people at Take Back Our Campus will be sponsoring a contest that we guarantee you'll find most intriguing.


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