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Saturday, March 05, 2005

More Coverage of Take Back Our Campus

Thanks to the Lawsuit, We're Bigger Than Ever

[Editor's Note: For past media coverage of TBOC, check out this link.]

"Ms. Lock responded that the university's response is not a long-term, wise strategy suggesting that blocking the web page is not going to be very effective. Mr. Sullivan noted that it has been very effective so far."-- From the minutes of a 1/20/05 Faculty Council Meeting

It seems that Dr. Lock has been proven correct.

You probably saw News 10's coverage of Saturday's protest in support of free speech and Take Back Our Campus. If you were in the Pennsylvania or West Virgina area recently, you might have caught my radio interview with Rustbelt Radio.

But what's even more fun is that we've had an outpour of support from fellow bloggers, none of whom we even knew existed before they wrote about us. Jayaprakash, a blogger based in India, mentions us in here: http://blog.as2max.com/archives/2005/02/blogs_reach_inc.php

A Canadian blogger's thoughts on SLU and Take Back Our Campus can be found here: http://heartofcanada.typepad.com/randomthoughts/2005/02/campus_protest_.html and http://heartofcanada.typepad.com/randomthoughts/2005/02/administrators_.html. We particularly appreciate the blogger's final comment: "So, in many ways, I suppose the students have already won. Administrators, here's your cue in this scene: exeunt."

A blogger from California mentions us here: http://www.calblog.com/archives/004222.html

SCSUScholars.com mentions us in this posting: http://www.scsuscholars.com/2005_02_01_scsu-scholars_archive.html#110901721379344108.
SCSU notes that FIRE has already won a case similar to ours at UC Santa Barbara.

SCSU also points us to Jeff at Quid Nomen Illius, who writes about us here: http://jvc-comments.blogspot.com/2005/02/by-pouring-their-derision-on-anything.html. Both Quid and SCSUScholars point us to conservative blogger Academy Girl, who supports our right to free speech here: http://academicgame.blogspot.com/2005_02_18_academicgame_archive.html#110874246652991921, writing, "[w]hile I don't support everything for which these students stand (i.e., their politics) or for which they are advocating, I can't help but smile at their bravado in publishing a blog that airs their views about university administration."

A blogger for Salon.com mentioned our exemplary journalism here, but that was back in December, which is approximately 40,000 years in internet-time. [That was also before we were being sued.]

In the category of "why?" can be found these three sites:
Something called the Policy Value Calculator links to the News 10 story about us.

Here: http://www.mp3board.com/comments.html?id=91138

Also, a professor from the University of Delaware links to us as part of his "Information Technology Applications in Marketing" seminar.

We'd like to thank the blogosphere for supporting us in our time of need.

But the biggest thank you goes to President Dan Sullivan for suing us. By filing a federal lawsuit against Take Back Our Campus, we've become international news and our criticisms of the administration are now heard by a wider audience than ever. From us at TBOC to Dan-- thanks for making us famous.


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