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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Petty's List

Marcia Lou Petty, better known as Cissy Petty to our campus, loves Jesus. In fact, the only thing she loves more than Jesus himself is making others love him too! Take Andrew Barron (left). Andrew used to be, in his own words, "a nice Jewish boy," observing Pesach, going to temple, and trying to decide if the whole "phylactery" thing was for him--but not anymore, thanks to our very own Cissy Petty!

The first person who told me about loving God was my Hebrew school teacher. I was 10 years old when I began attending cheder after school. We had a class of about 25 boys and girls which met twice a week. Our teacher was also the synagogue cantor. I don't remember his name but I do remember that he told us he loved God. I hadn't ever thought of God as someone to be loved.

Andrew may not remember the name of the first person who taught him about loving God, but he sure remembers Marcia's:

In college, I became friends with Dr. Cissy Petty. Cissy was the director of student activities and my boss. I did part-time office work to earn a little extra pocket money. One day she told me that Jesus was my Saviour. At first I thought she was crazy, but then I realized that she probably didn't realize who I was. Therefore, I informed her that I was Jewish, expecting that she would immediately realize her mistake. But she still thought that Jesus was my Saviour! ... She gave me a Bible towards the end of my senior year: the inscription was dated May 20, 1981. I accepted it only to avoid hurting her feelings.

Why wouldn't Andrew just give in to his savior's love? We're a naturally stubborn people, so perhaps it had something to do with a formative experience in his childhood. He relates, "Once I had visited a Catholic church and wondered if being there would somehow make me dirty." Of course, it wasn't being there that was dirty, just what inevitably happened while he was, assuming he went to confession. Having been raised Catholic, I can tell you that while most of the goys I knew may have been used to that kind of treatment, deep-throating and anal play are not things that come naturally to YHWH's Chosen Ones. They're much more into Leviticus than the Jesus folks.

Being the dumb shiksa that she was, Cissy never did get the whole "Jew" thing--but she did get Andrew Barron, who was, by the time, working for Martin Marietta (never let anyone tell you Jesus doesn't love nukes), thus saving him from an eternity of fire, brimstone, and overbearing Jewish mothers. Yes, thanks to Cissy Petty, the gentle gentile who put the O in Andrew's G-D, this poor soul is now free Friday nights to eat as much pork as he likes.

Andrew doesn't have as much time as he used to for building "space shuttles"; that is, not now that he's devoted his life to proclaiming the glory of Jesus.

Cissy had challenged me to think about spiritual matters. But somehow, it took other Jews who believed in Jesus to help me overcome my prejudices. When I realized I could be helping my people discover the Messiah, building space shuttles, exciting as it was, no longer seemed like a career for me. I can't be angry with people who tell me to get a "real job." If they'd just look to God with an open mind, they'd know that the job of proclaiming his Messiah is very real.

No, Andrew, it's not--unless your official title is Dean of Student Life.

What about you? Have you been converted by Dean Petty and want to share your witnessing experience? Email us at takebackourcampus@yahoo.com.

Shabbat Shalom, motherfuckers.


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