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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Few Clarifications

After reading through some of the press Take Back Our Campus has been getting, I'd like to offer a few clarifications. I'd also like to add that my clarifications would be entirely unnecessary if any of the journalists from the three television stations had bothered to contact me instead of reprinting St. Lawrence University's baseless allegations against Take Back Our Campus.

From CBS and Newswatch50: Macreena Doyle, a spokeswoman for St. Lawrence University, said the decision was made after determining the most troubling postings had been removed from the Web site called, ``Take Back Our Campus.''

In fact, no postings were removed from the site. St. Lawrence is obviously trying to claim some small victory from this embarrassing and unbecoming episode.

The site frequently posted ``serious allegations,'' including accusations of drug abuse by named students and faculty.

"'[S]erious allegations'"? Why is this in quotes? Whose quotes are these? And when did TBOC ever accuse any faculty of drug abuse? I remain, as ever, mystified.

From News10Now: "We made the determination that since those postings that we were particularly troubled by had been removed and there didn't seem to be a continuing basis for us to pursue legal action. It made sense for us to make the request of the court to withdraw the lawsuit and that request was granted," said Macreena Doyle, spokesperson for St. Lawrence University.

Again, this idea that TBOC removed any posts. We did not. We removed the four pictures over which we were being sued. We did this because the pictures were only graphics to accompany the stories-- in my estimation, not a big deal. The pictures were removed but all text ever printed on TBOC remains on the site. I hope (though without holding my proverbial breath) that corrections will be forthcoming.

What is interesting, though, is President Dan Sullivan's campus-wide e-mail stating that the suit had been dropped because SLU couldn't discover our identities. Couldn't these people at least make their stories consistent?

Regardless, we're far from done. At the moment we're working on some stories about sexual assault on campus. Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated and can be mailed to takebackourcampus@yahoo.com. We promise to keep your identity secret unless you specify otherwise.


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