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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Greek System Shananigans?

We at TBOC! have gotten ahold of some fun facts for all you devoted readers. Just so we don't overload you with information, here's one bit of fine information we're almost positive you'll want to know. At 3am on Friday, August 27th, the first weekend of the semester, there was a guest appearance by two oh-very-Larried-out boys at the Women's Resource Center (one quick side note to chew on--the Larry and Muffy preppiness is "not a trend, but a lifestyle").

According to our sources, the two boys who showed at the WRC were by the names of Stephen Patterson, and some Lance kid, whose last name we're unaware of, and frankly just don't give a fuck. The two are *pretty tight* if you get what we mean. So here's the deal--the boys apparently walked onto the front porch demanding to "just wanna know what the house is all about, ya know, 'cause like-- we're seniors." (With accentuation on preppy, rich boy accent here). The boys were repeatedly told to leave, which was very upsetting for them, and made them feel victimized...
Even upon being asked to leave, they remained. Now, our sources claim the term "goat-fuckers" was used in reference to, well, ok we werent going to mention it, but the whole Phi-Sig predicament last semester that caused the fraternity to lose their house. That said, the boys, in fact, were and are not members of the fraternity Phi-Sigma-whatever-it-is-goat-fuckers, and again, felt victimized.

Eventually, the CA was woken up and asked the boys to leave. Who didn't leave. In fact, our sources tell us that the boys argued with the CA for some time before they actually left. We're happy that people were awake at the WRC at the time, 'cause who knows what the hell the implications are when two retardo's show up to an all-female theme house they would otherwise have no business doing at 3am!

Phew! Who knew SLU was such a sketchy place? Stay tuned for more updates, bitches.


  • Shit, how can people come onto someones front porch and start harrassing them and still claim to be a victim! This is the most fucked up, backwards thing i have ever heard. Where do we go to school? Rather than understanding the physical and emotional effects of victimization and that these people were obviously acting as aggressors and then deminishing the feelings of the true victim in this situation.

    Additionally, if say the women at the WRC wanted to report this incident to security on campus, they would probably be revictimized by our patronizing security clowns. Rather than actually being of any help, security would probably look for what these women were doing wrong instead of focusing on the fact that they were approached in their residence by drunk fools. Our valent security officers would probably ask if their was any alcohol in the house. Because we all know that what the victim does to bring on this harassment is far more telling of if they deserved the action in turn. Especially seeing as one of these boys has connections with trustees, the only language our wonderful administration speaks in... MONEY, obviously these pictures of upstanding citizens must have been pervoked...pft. This event is an example of SLU at its finest.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:10 AM  

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