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Thursday, December 23, 2004


URGENT CALL FOR SUPPORT!!! (this call was submitted to TBOC! for posting by a recent SLU Alumn)

My friend Jamie (BORK) Loughner is currently sitting on a 5-story high ledge in City Hall in Washington DC. She climbed onto the ledge at 11 AM on Tuesday to protest the sale of the Randall School which was a homeless shelter in SW DC until Nov. 3rd when the Mayor closed it in preparation for selling the building to the Corcoran Art Museum. This is the most recent in a long series of actions aimed at reopening the Randall School Shelter, or getting a replacement in that immediate region. Bork is planning on staying on the ledge and continuing her hunger strike until the city agrees to open a viable alternative to Randall school shelter. Please support Bork and the DC Homeless community by sending a christmas card giving bork encouragement and showing city hall that the country is behind her!

(You can learn more by visiting www.maydaydc.mahost.org or www.dc.indymedia.org and looking at any post related to Randall School Shelter)

Sample Christmas Card to Bork...(this is just a quick sample i wrote, please alter and personalize as you feel fit!)

TO: Jamie Loughner: 1350 Penn Ave, fifth floor atrium, DC 20004

Dear Jamie (alternatively you can address her as “Bork”)

I just wanted to write and wish you a very Merry Christmas, I heard about your hunger strike on the Ledge at the Wilson Building and wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic job.

I would like to add my voice to yours and demand Mayor William's and the DC City Council immediately open a homeless shelter in Downtown South West DC to at the very least replace the 170 beds lost when they closed the Randall School Shelter on November third.

The first homeless person of the season recently froze to death on the streets of DC, and we must stand together to do everything we can to make sure no more share that terrible fate.


CITY, STATE (return address if you feel comfortable)


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