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Monday, December 13, 2004

"Hearty" thanks in order

Who would have suspected we'd hear from Mr. Hearty again so soon? Relish these, dear readers, as I suspect we'll not be so entertained were Bush to "choke" on another "pretzel."

(Dramatization) Dear TBOC,
Thank you very much for the grammar lesson. I was quite surprised at your posting the email. I have no idea who you are but firmly believe that all persons are entitled to their beliefs, one of the great benefits of living in this country of ours. In fact i actually really do not have any connection to any political party and do not really get involved in the political scene. I did not vote in the recent election and really have very few opinions of George Bush or his counterparts. I hope you regarded my message as a joke, as did i when i sent it. I would greatly appreciate it if you removed my email from your site. Thank you very much.

J.J. Hearty

Dear J.J.,

We appreciate your hearty thanks. More than that, we appreciate the copious hearty laughter you have provided us with so generously, yet again. What separates your email from "a joke," as you suggest, is that jokes are *intentionally* funny. However, since your first email was such a great "joke," we've decided it stays.

Congratulations, J.J. You've just taken your first inadvertent, but appropriately "hearty" step into the "political scene."

Sugar & spice,

We heard back from J.J. sooner than we expected, but were a bit confused by a sudden change of heart. His initial email was a joke no more. Our own Christian Evangelist scratched his chin, paused, and exclaimed, "Backtracker!"

Dear TBOC,

Touche. What is evident to me is that my name is public and your is not. I would gladly support you keeping my letter up, and whatever else you want to print if my name is removed, or you reveal who you are. The fact is that my comments came off as a lot more ignorant then i intended them to be, you can say i was just trying to "fuel the fire." If you actually knew me you would see that i was not actually backtracking in the previous email but telling the
truth. In response to your post script, i had no previous knowledge of your website before the list of people was published and a bunch of people pointed it out to me.

J.J. Hearty

Dear J.J.,

You aren't in a position to bargain. The letter stays. Question: Just how ignorant did you intend your comments to be? To be sure, they expressed an ignorance at least as "hearty" as your name.

Cuddly Kittens,


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