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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A few error-riddled words from "Outsider"

(The part of Outsider will now be played by Anthony Trollope circa Barchester Towers) I’ve now won four bottles of wine since my initial comment here and I’ve yet to even apply myself to the wagers. It’s not that you’ve intentionally made it easy on me, you’ve simply conformed to the same stereotypes that have done what you think you’re doing for generations.

There’s no “our” in campus as far as you’re concerned. The campus is what it is, and it continues to evolve, thanks to the people who decide they’ll be a part of the community. It never was yours to take back, and no one’s giving it to you based on the pabulum you offer here. You can’t even live by your own rules when someone gets under your skin.

...The guys playing Beirut and the girls shaking their heads but watching them; the women who are raising the feminist consciousness on campus; the hockey players who are attempting to be more than hired mercenaries; the Thelmo senators who give their time to the necessary minutia of sustaining a community; the SLU Democrats and Republicans who believe the world isn’t a collections of subtle shades of gray and aren’t afraid to acknowledge it; the Outing Club members who take advantage of a once in a lifetime chance to experience the North Country, the theater people who provide incredible and largely ignored art; the singing groups who connect with tradition to as an opportunity to enjoy their collective talents; and all the other factions, groups, cliques and individuals who define our campus. It’s theirs, not yours. You’re not taking it back; they continue to grow it, and live real lives, without you....

...They write, produce, direct and act in the daily productions that define SLU for what it is, and what it will become. You, on the other hand, are those two guys who show up on syndicated TV late at night – you know when you’ve had that shot of tequila you should have passed up and that’s why you’re watching cable instead of sleeping toward a hangover- who give their thumbs up or down to the latest movies.


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