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Monday, November 29, 2004

Sites to watch out for

If there's anything you can learn from thefacebook.com, it's mostly stuff we already know. Despite this, facebook is a real up-and-comer on the net, and one of the many rapidly growing ways for college students to simultaneously avoid human contact and waste their time, beyond simply throwing away endless hours on checking and re-checking the profiles of those on their buddy lists. What makes facebook a vastly superior time waster is its ability to allow the cloistered sluser to browse through more complete "profiles" of students, including an assortment of ugly mugs. Most folks' photographs, however, simply mimic the indispensable poster of Belushi and a bottle of whiskey from Animal House.

However, not all the new sites we've stumbled across lately are that fun. For instance, we've also mentioned the SLU Dems' blog. See the post entitled "Sample"? That means "sample of what will seemingly never exist." Unfortunately, it looks like that's about as exciting as things get over there in liberal webspace. Did I forget to mention the three deleted comments for the post? In fact, you might want to skip the blog entirely and just head straight for their homepage, where you'll be treated to a cartoon! I can't say that I've been this excited by a website since BillOReilly.com started offering a premium membership.

Don't worry too much, however. One needn't go to the un-blog of the SLU Dems' to experience liberal politics at their whiniest. After all, why would you when there's always the blog of the former author of The "Left" Side of the Hill? Yes, if any of you miss the pious self-indulgence of SLU's very own Great White Hope, you're in luck. You can still catch him on a semi-regular basis at Blogger's third blog bearing the title The Life of Brian (there's also The Life of Brian and The Life of Brian). Sure, it's not as pretty as TheHillNews.com, but never fear, it's just as dim.

Until later, happy surfing!


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