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Friday, November 26, 2004

Dear Margaret's Class,

We hear you've been diligently working on some essays about us. Care to share? We at TBOC! are big believers in academia. Unfortunately, we know that it is generally quite lazy. We would, however, like to give your class the benefit of the doubt and not presume you would simply turn in sloppy work about TBOC!--filled with idle speculation and fanciful naiveté about what we're trying to do, why we're doing it, or what style of argyle pattern is indeed my favorite--without having bothered to at least contact us for interviews beforehand.

So, we've talked it over and decided to extend an offer to your class for the opportunity of a lifetime. No, not a copy of Associate Professor John Jaunzems' first book, should it ever be written. And no, we can't proffer that Associate Professor Mike Owen will ever retract his support of South African apartheid.

Rather, we've got an even better offer: you all write a single list of questions for us and email it along, and we'll answer it--on the site of course. Don't worry, we'll be gentle, and we promise to make it more interesting than the SLU Dems' blog. Just have MKB check your grammar (but not the syntax, please).

Finally, when you've run the last spell-check, why not send us your completed essays? We'll even print the ones we like best.

Please send your essays to: takebackourcampus@yahoo.com.


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