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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Are these fuckers made of Teflon?

If you haven't been hiding in the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan, then you've probably heard there's a small drug problem in Larryland. Since our first exclusive regarding several SLU Republicans/former senators, we have received a number of emails which not only concur with our point about this growing epidemic on campus, but state that students have in fact been going to both security and the administration about the matter. And guess what? They're "looking into it."

Here's the problem, however, as we see it: there's not a whole lot to look into. That is, we've already provided the evidence. All the university must do now is act on it. Since the publication of our column, "The End of the SLU GOP?" not one member of the administration or Security has issued so much as a peep, let alone contacted us for more information. Yet, we have names, and more importantly, we have emails from the perpetrators themselves. Frankly, we feel, well, a little left out--perhaps even sad.

After all, Security had no problem, upon the beck and call of Jake Shea and other cocaine-using members and ex-senators of the SLU Republicans and Thelmo, in harassing and interrogating former contributors of TBOC! about the site's "allegations" of coke use. In light of recent revelations, namely, that these "allegations" have serendipitously transmogrified into facts, Security will not make so much as a phone call to the guilty parties.

Many students are rightly concerned about the safety of their coeds and the larger campus environment, as is more than evident from the many emails we have received. Many students want to know what they, personally, can do to help remedy this illness from which the student body suffers. We have an answer, and it is a simple one.

Print out a few copies of the following emails. Take them to security, Dean Petty, and Rance Davis. Once they have a chance to look them over, ask what they plan to do--and do let us know what their response is. If enough students come forward about these and other incidences, perhaps our collective action may yet prove fruitful. This time around, let's make it stick.

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He hasn't said anything and won't - because he expected the same from everyone
else - especially the people who initally OFFERED to get drugs for him! My
concern is Deana since she has a huge mouth... how and why she was told I
don't know... I've also asked Evan to speak to [REDACTED] about not saying
anything. Now that this is suddenly a GOP issue, for whatever the hell reason,
[REDACTED] knowing is a huge liability.
Just wanted to let you know who knows and who I've talked to so we're all on
the same page. Sorry again to put you in this position. I didn't know it would
blow up to be an "organization" issue.


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> Liz,
> Thank you for the apology.  Please ask Jake to keep his mouth shut.
> ~Alicia
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I'm sorry if you were offended that Jake and I called you. I heard last year
from someone on our floor, and I honestly don't remember who, that Majken
walked in on you doing lines off your desk. And then Jake heard the same thing
more recently...
My apologies.


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