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Saturday, October 23, 2004

We still get letters, just not as many, Vol. 1

"We're sorry for calling you liars. You were right; we are the real liars. We do use cocaine, and what your site has said about us in the past was not actually defamation." Signed, Jake Shea, Elizabeth Wardell, & Alicia McNally

Yes, it would be nice if we had received this email. Unfortunately, we did not, and to our knowledge no such email exists. But, we did get a great comment from a former Laurentian. Looks like we have some alumni that actually follow TBOC!, and for that, if nothing else, we are deeply honored. One, under the name Outraged Alum, recently posted:

How is it possible that the information released in the last two posts on TBOC! have not created a massive stir on campus? I graduated six years ago and do not know these students personally. However, clearly COCAINE use by students is absolutely unacceptable. I have followed TBOC! for some time now, and it is clear to me that the reporters are fair and honest, but more importantly that they have a large network and the ability to obtain (probably legally) this information. Given my belief that the evidence is real, I personally (politics aside) fear for the safety of our university as a whole and more importantly for the individual safety of SLU students. The administration, security, and Thelmo MUST take immediate action. If I were still a senator, I would not let this issue go undisguised. I am discontinuing my donations until the appropriate actions are taken against these students. The students named should come forward and release apologies for their actions.

We feel that before officially going to the press with this matter, we should address the polite comment Outraged Alum left us.

Dear Outraged Alum,

Thanks for your comment! While we are not surprised at all by the recent revelations, we nonetheless remain highly disturbed. The silence of Thelmo and the administration on this matter has been not only overwhelming, but utterly stunning. That is why we feel we have no other choice of action than to turn this matter over to the mainstream press and hope that they have more luck with it. The safety of our student body now rests on their shoulders, as the administration obviously cares so little about this matter as to even attempt to address it.

What truly speaks volumes about all of this is that the members of the SLU GOP in question have not come forward to openly deny these charges. They, like Thelmo and the administration, have remained totally silent. We don't always think that silence amounts to guilt, but there is one thing that always does, and that's guilt itself. Yes, guilt amounts to guilt, and it seems painfully obvious that the parties in question are in fact quite guilty of our past accusations. What makes their behavior particularly shameful, however, is the way that some of them have not simply denied past allegations, but actually tried to go after former TBOC! contributors for making the allegations in the first place.

Thanks again,
All of us at TBOC!

However, if there is any silver lining in this whole debacle, it is this, and we'd like to address it specifically to those members of the SLU GOP that have dogged TBOC! for its entire existence:

"Red-handed" or "white-nosed"? Well, we don't suppose it matters much, either way you're plain old "caught." And, now that the truth is out, we're really not going to take any more of your privileged rich-kid bullshit. You can yak it up with Rance or DP or Dan Sullivan--or whoever it is you bother about this stuff--all you want, and scream at the top of your lungs about false allegations. But the facts stand for themselves now, and you can no longer hide behind the administration that has coddled you for so long. So, in light of these recent facts, we concluded that it's still not too late just yet for you to suck it up and apologize for being such jerks. (Oh, by the way, this includes the kind folks of the SLU administration and Security.) Please send all apology email to takebackourcampus@yahoo.com. For the sake of convenience, please include in the title of the email, "We're sorry for being such big jerks." See the top of this post for an example email if you're at a loss for words.

Happy emailing!


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