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Monday, October 18, 2004

We Demand Action!

Will this week turn out to be a decisive one? We hope so. St. Lawrence has enough problems without having to deal with a student organization fraught with cocaine use. The actions the university and Thelmo take this week will determine just how concerned the administration and the student government are with the safety of our students. We at TBOC! have several demands:

1. That Thelmo place the SLU GOP on probationary status as an organization in order to fully investigate these matters and determine whether or not their organizational charter should be revoked.

2. That the university take swift action in expelling, or suspending in some fashion, at the very least: Elizabeth Wardell, Jake Shea, and Alicia McNally. Additionally, we demand that the university ensure they receive care at a drug treatment facility.

3. That the university and campus Security launch an immediate investigation into the full extent of this "'organization' issue" (see TBOC! column "The End of the SLU GOP?" 10/12/04).

If these demands are not addressed by the end of the week, we will turn this issue over to the mainstream press. Perhaps they will be more effective in seeing that justice is done. Again, this is an urgent issue of student safety. It must not be ignored.


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