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Monday, October 04, 2004

Sell Out

Sell Out

As we returned to St. Lawrence University in Fall we expected to see the name of a Trustee imprinted in the front of the student center – somebody who had been stupid enough to donate seven million dollars to Dean Petty’s pipe dream. Instead, we saw an ugly Pepsi logo on a dirty white banner. Next to it, the text was: “First Year Cup Brought to you in memory of Will O’ Brian.”

More than one freshman quipped, “Is this really a liberal arts institution?” Mostly, though, given the large number of larrys and muffys that have flooded this beacon of liberal education and thought, they were pretty upset that McDonalds hadn’t sponsored their beloved student center. Certainly SLU is corporate enough to attract McDonalds?

Most importantly, though, the question that so many who used Will’s memorial service for their own selfish goals, didn’t ask was -- Is this how we want to remember Will? With a Pepsi logo summing up his life? How much did Pepsi buy Will’s memory for?

Like the FOX TV network, they remained silent as St. Lawrence University making a mockery of everything it claims to stand for. These are the people that called Will a friend. TBOC asks you all to rise up and condemn the administration (and your own behavior in being silent participants to this disgusting debasing of a fellow SLU student’s life.)

Shame on you, administration. Once again you’ve shown you will do anything for money. At least try to give St. Lawrence University students something to celebrate about their liberal arts background. Even the economics department, your conservative stronghold, would be upset with the monopoly you’ve created – at least bring Coke machines, though generic Adirondack soda hasn’t killed anybody.


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