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Saturday, October 30, 2004

A nod from the Hill?

In an interesting turn of events, it seems TBOC! has received some attention in the last place we expected it. No, not the U.S. News & World Report, but The Hill News. Without commenting too much on the article itself, we did want to respond to one or two points contained therein.

The author writes that TBOC! "makes allegations of serious drug abuse by several SLU Republicans" in our column, "The End of the SLU GOP?" This is perhaps half-right. The problem is with the word "allegations." We used to make "allegations." We had evidence, yes, but the article in question goes surpasses allegation in the sense that it is actually an admission--albeit an unintended one--by "several SLU Republicans" (and former student representatives, we might add). When it's coming straight from the horse's mouth, as was the case with the leaked emails, what was once an "allegation" becomes mere fact.

Also, the article states "One factor that takes away form the legitimacy and urgency of these articles is that the authors post anonymously. This may be a way for them to protect themselves from the backlash caused by their often-controversial articles." There's a number of points that are in order here: 1. Some of literature's most famous works were produced using pen names like Lewis Carroll, George Sand, Moliere, George Orwell, Voltaire, Dr. Seuss, and even Mark Twain. Did that take away from the "legitimacy" (and often times, the "urgency") of their work? "Deep Throat" remains anonymous to this day. Does that make his/her contribution to American politics and journalism any less "legitimate"? We don't think so. 2. There's no "may" about it. We TBOC! contributors remain anonymous to protect ourselves. We also remain anonymous to draw the reader's attention to what we are saying, not who we are.

To address the author of the article, Shawn, more directly: Thank you for the article, and for recognizing our hard work. Should their be future articles about TBOC!, we do encourage you to contact us directly at takebackourcampus@yahoo.com.


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