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Monday, October 04, 2004

Great moments in SLUR history

SLU Republicans are not racist. At least, they've said they're not in the past, and we're willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that some--or even many--of them aren't. They'll also tell you they don't hate poor people, which is, as you may have deducted, a lie. The problem is, while some (or even, again, "many") may not be racist and hate poor people, a lot of them are racist, and do hate poor people, something that sets them apart from every other campus organization, except some portions of Thelmo. That said, there are some pretty defining moments in SLUR history when it comes to issues of class and race that we think every student should know about.

For instance, one SLUR once referred to a member of the faculty as "a big fucking spic." Another referred to anyone receiving government aid as a "worthless, co-dependent wretch." One referred to those lacking the financial resources to attend prep schools as "public school trash," while yet another referred to workers at ODY as "piece[s] of shit making minimum wage." Thankfully, one SLUR, clearing both issues up at once lest any confusion remain, brilliantly stated that SLU hands out "diplomas for free," continuing, "What is it, 70% or 80% have financial help at SLU. An unmentionable minortity I am sure come from the Bronx, and get full rides. Thats what we** mean about free tuitions. Because they can play basketball, and use other words besides dawg, they are let into fine schools like SLU. Fuck the minority pool, they should all be drowned in a pool." I don't know what else you can call a statement like that but "classy." Another commented, "In 1950 SLU used to be 40% prep school students. What the fuck has happened? Slime is taking over colleges." One SLUR--Alcia McNally--once commented, "I'm not racist, but when I see black people, I know they're lazy." That was after some trouble over her AOL buddy icon, which read "Guns don't kill people, angry minorities do." Ha! The rest of the world may not get it, Alicia, but we do! You're hysterical!

Other favorite epithets include, but are not limited to, "trailor (sic) trash," and "big fucking fag."

Indeed. It seems the unworthy and the untouchables are, to use a favorite phrase of bigots everywhere, "taking over." At least, they are if you're a SLUR. That's probably why SLURs bring open fascists like Daniel Flynn to speak at SLU, in part on the university dime, although we may never know for sure.

This has been an installment of Great Moments in SLUR History. Stay tuned for more!
** Note the author's use of the word "we" in this passage.


  • Thank you for posting this! For all the SLURS who think alike Alicia or any other persons who made such comments, in the words of Radiohead, "we hope you choke".

    May your pockets be full of lint one day so that you may feel alive,


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:20 PM  

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