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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Another "Victim"

Another SLU Muffy is a victim. We all know how society has failed the Larries and Muffies of the world. It's a tough life having mommy and daddy provide everything for you, going to all-white elite schools in which even if all you do is snort cocaine and fail your classes you'll still go to work for mommy and daddy anyway. We must have pity on such oppressed souls. The newest victim is Heather Thomas, Il Duce of the Greek Victimhood Movement, and Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees. Poor Heather is being harassed. How is she being harassed? She was asked questions, sinister questions about what she is paid $600 a semester to do. In public no less! Poor Heather. Heather let all her fellow oppressed executive board members know about this outrage, like cancer patient Peter Snedeker (he has "raging" mono) and working class heroes such as Molly Ryan and Alex Shephard, demanding something be done to put a stop to these thugs asking questions about access for the disabled. The Executive Board quickly went to work today, organizing an emergency meeting to care for the victim. Larries and Muffies all over should rejoice as their elected representatives take harassment of the oppressed (and diverse) masses of white elites seriously. Soon the evildoer will be brought to justice and such indecent behavior will never happen again.


  • Wait, she gets *paid* to do that shit? Seriously?

    By Blogger collars_down, at 10:23 PM  

  • yeah. smoke 'em outta their holes.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:26 PM  

  • I hate that bitch anyway, thank god someone's questioning her! I’d love to know more of the situation if anyone witnessed it…. I knew if she got elected she'd take her rich white Greek ass to the Board of Trusties and not do shit for the average SLU student! Having a Muffy like her represent myself and my fellow SLU students in front of the Board of Trusties is simply outrageous (not that they have done anything for me in the last years except raise tuition!). Like her fellow Muffy's, Thomas lives off Daddy’s credit card and doesn’t know what life is like for those of us who weren’t born with silver spoons up our asses.

    However, clearly she feels oppressed and needs to be cared for, and I really don’t think that is a job to be left solely up to her fellow elites in Thelmo Exec. Therefore, we should all buckle down and send her cards to make her feel better. I'm sure a greeting card with a few good harsh words about how you really feel about her would be helpful.

    Please send such hate mail to: Heather Thomas, Il Duce of the Greek Victimhood Movement, CMR 2340.

    Any hate mail you do send to her, also post here as a comment to keep us all informed of how much help she is receiving!

    By Blogger promisebreaker, at 11:48 PM  

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